Supplying clean water for drinking and daily use to remote areas is a common problem to  many countries in the world. Although natural water and sources are abundant in these areas, other considerations such as setting-up , operational  &  maintenance cost is equally important in ensuring the sustainability of the project.

On of the key element in implementation of a complete water treatment system for rural areas is the availability of electricity. For the reason, we are working closely with SIRIM to provide Renewed Energy through Micro Hydro System. This alternative, not only provide continuous power supply, it is also considerably cheap (compare to genset operation) and easy to operate.

Methodology of Filtration

Water source from rivers, natural lake, tube well or streams are filtered using simple sand filtration system. The system is simple and normally the local villagers, themselves can install, run and take ownership of this system with guidance from our technicians with periodic service visitations.

                  (Conventional sand filter)

Conventional sand filter

(Ultra Membrane Filtration System)

The latest technology of Ultra Membrane Filtration has also gained more confident in recent projects due to its proven effectiveness in filtering almost all type of water.


Filtered water from the filtration system is then either passed through the In-line Dosing System  or collected in treatment tanks in order for disinfecting process to take place by injection of Anolyte into the tank. In both system, The Anolyte solutions produced by the Envirolyte®  is capable of disinfecting all known bacteria within seconds.