We also supplies Steam Coal in large quantity for industrial usage namely power and cement industry. Our sources of supply are from a 100 Ha mine in Indonesia with annual production output of 3, 500, 000 MT. We export up to 70% to India, China, Thailand, Philippines and Slovenia.

Our main production source is an ultra-low sulfur and low nitrogen coal with excellent burnout characteristics and good ash chemistry. The very low level of pollutants in this coal allows us to market the coal as environment friendly product.

Our 37 hectare loading port will provide for a loading rate of 1, 400 MT/Hour. This barge loading port with a recently dredged canal at the mouth of the Kintap River will assure on time delivery by 8, 000 ton barges to vessel at anchorage. The mine is located just 7 km via a wide all-weather haul road from the barge loading port.

We are constantly upgrading our coal production, transport, preparation and loading facilities. We also include additional mine management tools including computer aided mine design and quality control.

With all the assets that we now have, we are confident to undertake any contract or requirement.

For interested parties we are happy to provide analysis reports should there is a request. You are also most welcome for site visits or inspections as well as to verify the quality of the products and services that we provide.