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To lead in all endeavor in high spirit dedication and esprit de corp. Baggage Handling Services | Aircraft Interior Cleaning | In flight Catering | Trolley Management | Mobile Water Treatment | Convey System Maintenance

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About Us

Omniwise International Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 2nd September 1995 with Vision 2020 in mind; to develop and expand the company participation into local and international business? sphere.

Our History

  • OMNIWISE has always strived for total commitment to achieve highest level of performance. We employ dedicated personnel, developed them into forceful units with loyalty at heart.
  • Our team is also complimented with associate expert in their respective field, both from local and overseas. Today, the company is being supported by more than 350 personal in various operations and fields. In June 2006, the company has been awarded the Certification of ISO 9001:2000  Quality Management System (QMS)

Our Vision

  • People is the source of our strength
  • Service to our customers above all else
  • Total commitment and uncompromised quality
  • Hard work and discipline will produce good result
  • Continuous self-improvement
  • Excellence in reputation, being part of something special
  • Elevate Malaysia culture and national status
  • Mobile - Water treatment

    some facts about omniwise international sdn bhd
    Projects completed
    99 %
    Positive feedback
    Rm 300
    Average cost per hour


    We also carry some range of product and being appointed as agent for Porte Bote, Omniflex and Svenson product.
    We also supply steam coal to buyers in Malaysia and some other countries.

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